terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

The wind

(Não reli, e não revisei, apenas postei... sorry)
The wind blows in my face, it plays with my hair. I breathe deeply and the cold air feels like ice going down my throat. My eyes are closed now, sometimes is good to close your eyes, it feels good now. I smile at the wind, so smoothly caressing my skin. I hear the music in it, the music of nature, the beautiful sound of the sea. But there’s another sound coming from the background of this scene. My heart accelerates, it is thudding in my ears, Why?. It forces me to open my eyes. Nothing. Nothing except the pink-orange-almost-purple sky above my eyes. And I hear it again. A call. No answer.
– Who’s there?, Silence.
Nothing moves, even the wind stopped. Nothing but the dark green mass in front of me moves. Is the forest alive?
– Who’s there?, and now it was almost a whisper. The purple color took over the sky. The night comes.
I’m not scared, I know that. But why is my heart beating so loudly in my chest? I know this forest by heart, I’m alone. Me and the wind, waiting…
I hear the call again, it’s nearer. As if by magic, my legs move forward, unafraid. Is it a spell? No, I can feel my desire to move.
Is it the time? Did he really come for me? Oh… it can’t be true. I’ve lost hope. I can’t keep on thinking about something that won’t happen. But I can’t help thinking of it, maybe, just maybe, it could be true.
I move forward, in a mid-run. A sudden stop. A shadow moves by the ancient oak. I stopped, yes, but the wind started to blow faster than before. Now I see, his beautiful figure bowing towards me, his blood red cloak swirling up with the wind, he takes a step, he’s coming to me, I see his smile…

It is bright. The sun burns my back. I’m lying beneath the ancient huge oak tree… Was that a dream?
Silence. The wind plays with my hair once again, and we wait.