sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Hello Stranger

Hello stranger
Hollow I am left
Weak, lonely, crashed
Where’s my try?

Unknown and expected you are
Irresistible pain, unbearable doubt
A twist
Who are you?

You bring me air
You set my glow
You speed the strings like in a guitar solo
You bring me laughter
You bring me clouds
You set the beat
Who are you?

Barefoot I climb the moon
For infinity I look?
The pound echoes
I hope you hear it

For you I look
Weak, harmed, hopeful

Note: These were kind of scattered words that came to my mind and I wrote them down, it's only supposed to make sense to me, for my head was kinda messy while I wrote the words down. Enjoy this freaking maze! Next week I'll read it again and see if I understand it... ^^

sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

Interpret this countdown yourself

Something just caught my eye as I opened my MSN window. It is amazing how people expose their feelings through simple and harmless words, and it's even more amazing how other people interpret them. It happened to me once, I wrote something there, but my intention got lost in the amount of different reactions. There's always an "I love somebody" or songs, songs are my favorite.. I've already written about it, about how some songs are perfect to describe a moment or a feeling... Sometimes you write things thinking nobody will get the true meaning. Hoping for that, actually...

But what caught my attention was something I've been thinking for a long time. I probably misinterpreted the sentence, but once you write something, those words don't belong to you anymore...

It was something about a Countdown. And it made me think of the shortness of life and of how freaking small we are in comparison to everything that surrounds us. I've always heard the sentence: Think outside the box. And I've just realized that "outside the box" is huge! We keep moving forward and forward and forward, and doing things for a future that may or may not happen, but we keep going on, we keep on trying...

Life is short cause the "outside of the box" is too big to fit in it. We always have to set some goal and we're always on the countdown to get there and when we get there, we set another goal and everything is the same, a new countdown, a new cycle... just to masker reality... and reality is that we are just counting the steps to the end.

But what matters is that we have the choice of making our lives' countdown worth all the trouble. Everything has a start... and an end. That's life and we can't fight it. Things end 'cause they are supposed to end, give up trying to figure that out, it's a lost cause!