segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009

Mirror, my mirror...

Hypocrisy – when someone pretends to have certain beliefs or opinions that they do not really have – used to show disapproval.
Prejudice – an unreasonable dislike and distrust of people who are different from you in some way, especially because of their race, sex, religion etc – used to show disapproval.

Longman Dictionary

There is no such thing as “I have no prejudice”. As Mister Longman says, prejudice is an UNREASONABLE dislike. It is unreasonable because everybody carries a little bit of prejudice inside. And then it comes to hypocrisy, you judge people, make them feel bad so you can feel good and in the next minute, you’re doing the exact same thing you criticized! You PRETEND you are better than the other, but actually you’re nothing in comparison.
But that is how society is, people don’t learn to look themselves in the mirror, the one on your side is always worst than you. Have you stopped to think that maybe that strange girl’s only piece of clothing is the one she is wearing? Have you considered that it could hurt her?
Prejudice! Everybody thinks that is okay to criticize other people’s clothing, and when it comes to their turn to be criticized they feel angry! What’s wrong with that hair? That purse? Those shoes? Who cares?!?! Shut your mouth and put yourself on your place! That life over there is not yours for you to mess up with!
Yes, shut up and listen to yourself. You are not even a bit close to God to judge what is right or what’s wrong. Respect one’s style, respect one’s thoughts.
People tend to criticize and forget they are as vulnerable as everyone. Of course you can comment on something once in a while, you won’t go to hell for that! But looking yourself carefully in the mirror would be a great help!
Make a self evaluation once a month. If you see something you do is bothering people, if it’s not a good quality you have, try to change it. It’s worth the effort, after all. Nobody can change you, only you can. And we can’t wait for people to show us what’s wrong, remember the mirror? It can be a good friend sometimes…